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"The Art of Climbing"

"Wild spirit. Wrestling out of conventional coziness and comfort.  Finding home.  Finding self.  Musical, mesmerizing meanderings through mountains.  Capturing contemplative cares.  Wanderer yet not wandering, not lost but found.  Loose laughter leads--called from the core--connectedness to landscapes of new beginnings, redefinition of relationships to self, to creation, to Creator, to others.


The ebb and flow--stuck, un-inspired overwhelmed and timid; but then--Captured--in my zone, connected, confident, fueled by inspiration and fluidity.  “Small deliberate acts"--staying committed to my process,  staying present with materials, with my own authentic expression.  Revealing, expanding--love for climbing, adventure, and creativity--small deliberate acts.  In life as in climbing—intentional “presence” opens relationships, shared journeys, pursuit of dreams, refreshment--the soul.


The Art of Climbing event was a collaborative effort with fellow climber and friend, Dan Brazil who is aspiring to complete 50 inspiring ascents by the time he is 50 with a myriad of climbing partners.  The event brought people together around creativity, adventure and community at a local Prana Store Edina, MN.

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