Nature in the Eye of the Beholder

Thousands of days and nights spent in nature over the course of my life have imbedded the colors, textures, smells and intricacies of my natural surroundings into my mind’s eye.  Each of these paintings were completed from a very intuitive, expressive place inside of me.  I keep my hands moving faster than my mind to allow my body’s intelligence to take over; accessing these visual, aesthetic, and affective experiences within me. 

Red Rock Realizations
Northern Light Dancing
Midwest Magic Hour
Alpine Start
Earth and Water
Glacier Calls
Ice Thaw
Turning of Seasons
All We Need is One Seed
Underground Harvest
Desert Towers
Distant Spires
Starry Nighted Smith Rock
Sudden Surprise
Cycles of Life
Winter's Beauty
Flaming Fury
Islands in the Sky
Eye of the Storm
A River Runs Through
Signs of Life
I Dream of Mountains
Northwoods Nostalgia