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opening channels of healing
If my art had a voice it would say, "tend to--abandon not" the colors, textures, shapes of my story, your story.  Awaken dormant layers viewing the clearest reflection of what was, what is, what could be. Find my power in and my peace under the veil of mountains that break open splatterings of vulnerability, crumblings of ego, gatherings of power to stand on my own two feet; finding home where I roam in the safety of my own womb. Absorb the wild wisdom of ages, the sages of centering--of intuitive seeing.  Allow channels to flow, head to toe, minds eye to roots far below.

Gift of Space
Opening the Throat Flow
Beyond the Block
Fire and Fury
Power of the Bugaboo Spire
Finding Center
Neuropathways Rerouted
A Pure Reflection
Wisdom of the Old Growth
Mountain Meditation
On My Own Two Feet (1)
On My Own Two Feet (2)
Finding Home
Up From the Root
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