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Caring for What we Care for: An Exploration


I am continually drawn to the natural world; to people from all cultures and walks of life; to the process of healing; and to hands and their power to touch, to give, to release, to hold, and to create.  The intersection of these themes are woven throughout this body of work.  I hope to create space for us all to consider how we are in relationship to all that is living.  Various organizations are highlighted who help us learn about and advocate for the natural spaces, activities, and people we care for.







Impulse to consume, to soothe, to distract, to collude with counterfeit does my consummation, the impact of my unintentional inclination toward impurlse, unintentionally lead to another...picking up their pieces?


Soul Sustenance Secured
Boundaryless Bounty?
Keeper of the Evolution
In Balance: Do not disturb
Picking up the Pieces
Simple Pleasures
Cost to Care
Sewn Storms
Fire and Fury
Hold until Healed
Lungs of the Earth
Found Focus
Honing in on Home
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